Pronounced Arse-tates

‘Beware’ and ‘B’ test shots.

Part of the screening ‘biz’ involves these sheets of clear plastic with the artwork printed on (acetates) which are used in both production of the screens and registration of the prints.

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They are also pretty handy in the early stages to give us an idea of where the designs will be positioned on the tee and of the overall look of the piece.

New tees should be up in the next week or so…

Come Discharge Printing

This week Bl,est has been playing around in the workshop with a new technique (to us) known as discharge printing. By screening a paste-like bleach onto the tee and then steaming out, the tee is left with a bleach stain design. She Bites (black) and Thy Greatest Cross are two current designs that will feature this technique.

New Inside Print

As of now, all Bl,est Tee’s will include an inside print of authenticity. It’s a little extra work, but will feel that it’s well worth it.