Skin Ink

Bl,est hooked up with local tattooist Mark, who works out of his Crewkerne studio, Skin Ink. Mark is an old school tattooist with 20 years of inking behind him and has recently relocated to a smart new studio with the idea of accommodating a wider range of people with the desire to be inked. While Mark has been in the business for some time, he still retains a personal ambition with regards to tattoos, hoping one day to fill the gaps and complete full body coverage of his body. Check back to read some of Marks memories and stories on tattoos, tattooing and tattooists, coming soon.

F-you --------by Merve

Fc,uk. fuck you you will lose. Ill make sure of it ‘all images cheap and
void ofmeaning.morons.
you sahame anyone with any vision,integrity yoo are a scurge on this
earth and all the immoral
unthinking uncaring drones that follow you.fuck them too. I don't now
how it turned this waaaay
All the people who doubtus

Looking is free but toching will cost you. Good Tee design.
Twat...moveout of our this waaaay

Anyone song image or word that lacks substance I wish I could
udo you and the person that
created you. The seed of all things bad is what you are.false
dreams misguided hate encouragement
for all the morons that drag us down.

And girls that do things to you that you wish no person would
do to another.and with a smile on your
face you are all selfabnd you feelnothing. They are the realisation
to me that people will rape and
murder lie steal for ever and ever.because they would kill my
insidesmy spirit and heart 4 conveniencefor
thoughtlessness and no reasomn at all.