Til Death '08

29/8/08 News

The Squeaks and I have relocated and are planning some lock-ins to start focusing on the next step for Bl,est. We hope to cut some fat, do some tweaking and generally steer ourselves in the direction we want to take for the future. We were chatting the other day about launching two styles in the next month, so keep checking back for updates, artwork and concepts.
Benji Blest

Too much hand, not enough ink, plenty of sweat and so many tears. Our break is over and its back to what we love, kicking stuff about and throwing it on the site. It’s been a while, but we are rested, hungry and even closer to the edge than before. Expect new artwork in the coming weeks followed by some kick ass tee’s.

Apologies for the recent lack of news content. We at Bl,est are just taking a bit of time off to sort out some personal things and push our last collection before regrouping and kicking things up again. We have some big plans (our biggest ever) for the coming months, but just have to sort out some stuff first. Make or break time. Bl,est.

Bl,est Flips Pancakes Fat Tuesday Style

Hope everybody enjoyed Shrove Tuesday, we certainly did, until Squeak went berserk with a lemon!

Meltdown Chilled

The visual problem with the store has been sorted by Superstar Webmaster (Party Boy) Squeak. Sorry for any problems this may have caused. Out. Benji

Morning Meltdown

Apologies for the mental state of the store, it will be sorted out and running again in no time.

Touching Some Base

Start of Feb. Out with the old and in with something older. Some styles from our last collection are getting to the end of their short run (to be replaced by larger versions in the future), so We at Bl,est have got some tough ideas flying around for a new design, which should be put together and on sale in the next few weeks. But in the mean time we hope to be dusting off one of our very first screens and printing up a limited run of old school Bl,est nostalgia. Return of Deph. Hands Around The Neck.

Available in five colours.

We at Bl,est really appreciate the interest and orders we have had over the last month. That said we are trying to keep the store as fresh as possible so’s not to bore you all. Today see’s the release of a few special edition colourways going straight into the sale section. The sale section is where we put tee’s that have reached the end of the run and will no longer be printed, so get them quick!

Every dirty cloud has a gold lining. Two Special Edition versions of ‘CUJO’ will be in store Tuesday. What makes them special? They have an undercoat of gold ink that acts as a base and an outline to the top black inked print. They are so hot right now.

Unstoppable Force Is Lemon

Printed up one more colour for cujo, will hit the store next week.

The Many, Many Layers Of Terror

We just finished printing up some Special Edition versions of the new ‘Cujo’ tee that have come up awesome.

Available in two colours both with gold lined black prints. Some high quality shots should be hitting the store soonish.

Finally. After months of ‘baiting’ over how we were going to get the next collection made, we will begin printing this weekend. It has taken it bit longer that we had hoped, but we wanted to keep the quality high and keep things ‘real’, and that can take some sorting sometimes. So, new designs should be in-store next week, just in time for late crimbo shoppers.

Pronounced Arse-tates

‘Beware’ and ‘B’ test shots.

Part of the screening ‘biz’ involves these sheets of clear plastic with the artwork printed on (acetates) which are used in both production of the screens and registration of the prints.

View More

They are also pretty handy in the early stages to give us an idea of where the designs will be positioned on the tee and of the overall look of the piece.

New tees should be up in the next week or so…

Squeak Takes It

Our man Squeaks has received some flak for an article he wrote months ago expressing some personal views. Whether anyone agrees with his opinions or not, at least he has opinions and feels strongly enough to express them. However, all his future rants will be closely monitored.

Final touches made today on new styles. Both very different artistic directions. Squeaks and I are well pleased with them.

Whilst going through the wasteland that is the Bl,est Workshop I came across this old tee that was from one of the very first screens we had made up but never actually used. This is the only one ever printed, in some ways its pretty dated, but I like it. I have loads more styles kicking about that never made the cut for all kinds of reasons, so ill throw them up on the site.

Like Pulling Teeth

Two new designs coming soon

The three at Bl,est are well underway planning our next collection. Merve has started to order new inks and tshirts, I have the first few pages of an empty sketchbook and Deano (Squeak) has begun drinking alcopops and chasing skirt.

Winter 2007

New collection – new features – coming soon

We have not passed, we are still here…

Bl,est summer sale

To make room for our new line (due september/octoberish) we are having to drop some current colourways.
The final prints of these ever to be made are in store and at a reduced price.


What Now?

At Bl,est we are all about doing things for ourselves, just the way we likes it.

We currently do all the printing ourselves, but are still having to have our screens made up for us. So, the next step is to bring the screen production in house, which will be a massive step in both production and design development. Having complete control over the screens will allow us to make the prints as big as we like, whenever we like and still be able to put them wherever we like.

The next couple of months are going to be awesome for Bl,est. We are going to start getting together some plans for the new collection and begin the search for some new stockists.


As Seen By Birds

bl,est & die electric

we write the bl,est

...to think that all these years ago bl,est began as a set of tatty photocopied zines put together in dirty bedrooms. And all these years on, these zines still seem a pretty fresh way of throwing a load of random ideas together and using design to make them work. The process of turning doodles, photos and text into something you can hold, like physical booklets, helps achieve a real sense of developing ideas into a final product. That said, we at bl,est hope to start putting some new zines together and putting them about where ever we can.

Happy Birthday To Our Squeak

Archive shot of Squeaks rocking early Bl,est

Death, Animal Carcass And Women

Bl,est is back in the workshop sweating orders out to our stockists ready for the summer. We will also be putting some dieElectrik tees into some select Bl,est stockists, so keep your eyes crossed.

Two Die, Electrik Styles

A better look at the new styles from dieElectrik that will be on sale in the Bl,est Store in a week or so.

Getting Ready To Die Electrik

We were meant to take some decent photos of the new dieElectrik tees last weekend, but got caught playing ice hockey all night instead. For now, here is a dirty look at the two designs that will be hitting the store soon.

DieElectrik is Bl,est soon

All new label DieElectrik will be on sale real soon in the Bl,est Store. We have got two large print designs in a couple of colourways on both boys and girls tees. The plan is to take some photographs this weekend and get them up and on as soon as.

Last Market In Bristol

This Saturday (2nd June) will sadly be our last on the Bristol market. All three of us are so enthusiastic about the launch of our first ever store in Birmingham, we want to spend as much time as possible there – and as the rest of our time is spent printing tees, something had to give. We have been doing the markets on and off for a few years and have had some pretty tough rainy days, but have also met some really cool people and made some good friends. It has been so important in the progression of Bl,est and without it, we would never be where we are today. Thanks to everyone for the support.

Bl,est Store Shall Open

We at Bl,est are to be opening our very first store ever, in Squeak’s home town of Birmingham.

Bl,est Overseas

Blest is now available a short boat ride away at Yellow Brick Road on the Isle of Wight. Check the details on our stockists page.

25% More Life & Death

The Life & Death tee now has a 25% bigger print. We pushed and pushed and have now managed to get it to the size we wanted.

New Label First Look

Here it is, the new Bl,est label. The clever people at the label makers have put together this to show how its going to look. They should be hitting the backs of all our tees in the next month.

Squeak: So I’ll have to redo all the thumbnail images on the store with the new labels? Bloody brilliant.

New Bl,est Stockist

New stockist for us: Forty Five in Plymouth. Contact details are here.

New Styles Hit Market

It's The Tiger Lady

If wise man says ‘women, animals and tattoos make for good life’, then wise man would like this tee. The pen and pencil sketched design mixes old school sailor tattoos with cartoon and graffiti and will be available black ink on light and dark colour ways with second colour lips and eye detailing.

View More


The pattern tee can be pretty hit or miss in my opinion, but it is also something I have wanted to try for a while. I have had ideas of Bl,est up versions of classic checks and argyle prints, but in the end felt happier using original artwork. For me, seeing the gold ink on black colourway sweeps away any doubts as to whether the pattern tee format is dead and buried.

Live Evil Soon

The ‘Live Faster’ is a design I have wanted to try and do for some time now. It is simplistic, bold and has all the heart of a Bl,est tee. We wanted to try a front and back printed tee (something we havent done before), so I worked on the front, while Squeak worked on the back (which turned out awesome).

First Look Thrush

Introducing the first ever v-neck tee from Bl,est. The tee features an etching of a thrush and will be released next week along with the rest of the spring 2007 collection. Each day this week we will be posting teaser art/photos of all the new designs.

Beirdo Loves Kids

Bl,est wants to give a good luck shout out to our very own Merve, who tomorrow is off teaching at a school in Bournemouth. He will pass on his business wisdom of being one third of the most awesome clothing label in the world.

Bl,est Shirts

In the next few weeks BL,EST will be launching a range of limited edition short sleeve shirts. Available in three styles of check, all with button down collars and fitted sleeves, ideal attire for a night on the town, playing pool or spanking cash on the fruities. Numbers on these shirts will be limited, so you may only find them on our web store or markets.

The Post That Got Away

Almost had a chance to write an awesome post, but didn’t quite make it!
But on the bright side, samples for the new collection will be put together on Friday. We have five four new designs, with some new tee and ink colours.

Bl,est In Manchester

Nothing To Prove & Nothing Better To Do
After two tough weeks for the three of us, Squeak and I had our last phone call about which t-shirts and colour ways will make the new spring collection. I’m truly excited about the chosen set. Each design has a different style and direction, and I feel they all show where Bl,est is heading. I hope those of you who like our stuff will find something in the new artwork, and hope that those few who don’t like our stuff will really hate them.

Come Discharge Printing

This week Bl,est has been playing around in the workshop with a new technique (to us) known as discharge printing. By screening a paste-like bleach onto the tee and then steaming out, the tee is left with a bleach stain design. She Bites (black) and Thy Greatest Cross are two current designs that will feature this technique.


Last week Merve and I dusted off one of our early “homemade” screens and printed up a batch of vintage tshirts we found in America. As we only have a few we will be selling them on the Bristol market in the coming weeks.

Back To It

We are back and getting straight on the tee orders that came in whilst away. All will be sent out this week, so thanks for the patience. Mock ups for some new designs have been put together, so if we can all agree on the best, they should be out in a few weeks.

Bl,est on holiday

For the next three weeks, Bl,est will be away on holiday. We are heading off to America to see if they like winter tshirts! It also gives me a chance to finalise the next collection, which should be launched around March. At present, it looks like the collection will include some tees, a hood, a summer item and possibly something for the ladies. We are in the process of printing up loads of the current stock, so any orders put through will be sent out as soon as we get back.

New Inside Print

As of now, all Bl,est Tee’s will include an inside print of authenticity. It’s a little extra work, but will feel that it’s well worth it.

Shark School

Merve and I have just finished printing the first set of ‘the Shark tee’ in a brand new colourway. It should be up in the store in the coming weeks.

The News

Early this month we will be shooting our long overdue stock shots, so hopefully they will be in store and doing our tees proud by the end of the month. Merve and I will be taking a long overdue vacation at the end of January, which will give me some time to finalise designs and knock out some fresh ideas for the next collection, which we hope to launch around March time. In the meantime, expect to see the new sweat tops in store in the next few days.

Says it like you spells it

I See Angry Bl,est (Tee Design)

The Rorschach inkblot test is a psychological projective test of personality in which a subject’s interpretations of ten standard abstract designs are analyzed as a measure of emotional and intellectual functioning and integration.

Electric Faith


As a business, Bl,est has been printing and selling for about two years. In this time we have experienced many of the ups and downs that any independently run business would face. And that’s cool, because the UPS well outweigh the DOWNS – and as they say, it is the downs that drive us. But there is one thing that really gets on Bl,est tits, and that is ‘shows’, ‘trade shows’ and ‘clothes shows’. I know that the only person to really blame in this is us, for being mugs enough to entertain the thought that they may be worth our while – but that doesn’t make them any less crap. They are crap. Unless we one day choose to sell cheap mass produced rag, it will always be a waste of our time. This isn’t meant as a bitter rant resulting from a lack of success at these ‘shows’ (we neither fail or flourish), but a rant at the pretentious, money grabbing, shortsighted wank that these shows represent to me.

Rather than giving independent labels an effective, affordable opportunity to promote themselves to an wider alternate audience, all they do is exploit these independent brands and the customers that attend (why should a customer looking to find unique clothing that wouldn’t normally be available to them have to pay an entrance fee close to a tenner, be taken to the cleaners for a coffee and a sandwich and then be expected to pay prices for indy label products that have to be priced in a way to recoup any of the mental rental price of a cardboard box sized pitch).

All these shows really want from indy labels is recognition for ‘helping out’ young labels, and to add heart and soul to a middle of the road mainstream market. I know that Bl,est isn’t YET perfect, but we are working toward making something honest and original. We aim to make and sell our products in an ethical way at an honest price to anyone that connects with them. For now I am happy with that.


Shaped By Fate

Paul from Shaped By Fate wears Bl,est Ink.
Photo by The Mighty Mills.

Hot Lunch

With Squeak working on the webshite, Merve and I have been busy printing up new sweater and tee styles. One of the tee styles “Arrowed Heart” has been tested out on the market already, and has done pretty good. The other is a new design influenced by holiday tshirts (fabric postcards). Both tees and the sweater should hopefully be in store in the next few weeks.


Bl,est is going to be showing and selling at the Thread Show in Bristol, on Sunday 10th of December. The show is at the Paintworks on Bath road and will be open from 11am to 6pm. We are taking pretty much all the styles that you see in the store, plus the new Y.N tee (seen below) and a new design that we are going to try on some sweat tops.

If you are in Bristol and it’s either not a Saturday (Bl,est Market) or its raining (Bl,est Market), you can find Bl,est at the newly opened My Yard on Park Street. They have got a nice little set up down there with some cool independent brands.

A label? A brand? A business? It’s nothing! It’s Bl,est, that’s all! “If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours…” I don’t think so, scratch your own back, I have got mine covered! No favours, no added flavours, undiluted, We Am Bl,est.

The Bl,est stand is situated on Wine Street, in Bristol city centre, close to Tesco Express. We’re there from 9am ‘till 5pm every Saturday – come down and have a chat with our top salesman Merve, he’s very friendly! You can get all our designs plus some limited edition styles not available in shops, at the lower price of £15 for tees and £20 for hoodies.

New Bl,est labels and tags...

Silver Let's Go Blest

New Bl,est Ink tee coming really soon

The New Silver Kickers Tee


We are currently looking at doing some polo shirts that are going to be better than any you have seen anywhere else… we hope!
Both Collectif in Camden and BS8 in Bristol have taken on more Bl,est, some more colour ways and some more of the same, so if you are near either please check them out.
Getting ready for the ‘Girl Skate Jam 06’ on May 27th @ Pioneer Skate Park, St Albans, where Maria is going to be reppin’ for us and winning! We also hope to be having a small stand selling some limited edition tees.

The Yew Nork Shity

Girl Skate Jam 06

Welcome to the shity

March Update

C.P.B. is here

Somehow Thinks She's Better Off This Way

New Years Blest

2nd Collection

My Fool

Drop Cross Logo Tee

New Tees

Smash the lights, turn on the projector. Blest is locked in talks as to which designs are next up to be screened for our follow up collection. We only want the best. What I can tell you is that they are going to be bold, fresh and honest. The Blest way. It won’t be long. I promise.

News News News News… S’up. We have been doing a couple markets in Bristol, trying to spread the bl,est word. We have been putting together some bad ass hoodies that should be coming at y’all in the next few weeks. We have been back to the drawing board to bring some more tees out, hopefully before Christmas. We have begun work on the bl,est underpant for boys and girls or boys who like to wear girls pants or girls who like to wear boys pants. We are gearing up to do some markets over Christmas; the dates will be posted when we know.

Never Heard of Bl,est

1/11/05… Bl,est hits the rain… Bl,est went down to the Cavern in Exeter to see working heroes Never Heard Of It perform the last night of an intense 12 day UK tour. Although the fellas must have been tired, they put on an awesome set, with tracks from 2004 album 11 days and some new tunes from their forthcoming album. Elmo even rocked the sticks old school Yew Nork style… More shots in the family photo section. Check out neverheardofit.com if you haven’t already, these guys are awesome.

April Dead

24th of October… Merve and I were at the ski lodge in Yeovil watching friends of Bl,est April Dead give a powerful and sweaty performance. You can see some shots in the family photos section. Thanks to James, Josh, Guy, Tom and Josh for inviting us down. Check out aprildead.com for info on upcoming gigs. Josh wears Fall Like an Eagle.

Ink, sweat & tears

Be patient my friends, the time is soon. It has been a battle for Merve, Squeak and I to get this first collection of tees together and build a site for them to call home, but we have finally made it. Ink, sweat and tears. The store will be in action on Tuesday 11th October 2005, with the next issue of the magazine to follow. Until then please check out the early stages of the gallery and some thumbnails of the tees. Also, Squeaks has put up a function for you to submit email addresses to receive Blest info, or you can leave us a comment. Hope to see you next Tuesday.

take a look at www.bugsnbusses.co.uk a cool little
site about bugs, and friend to the blest family

This Christmas Could Be Our Blest


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Squeak is a member of the bl,est family
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He is bl,est


Bl, Est Is What?

Bl, est is four friends
Bl, est is faith
Bl, est is hope
Bl, est is love, and
Bl, est is loss

Bl, est is believing in life, by
entertaining simple thoughts

Bl, est just is
Not a brand, but a way
A way of living, loving, being destroyed
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Bl, est is starting over

The first book is coming soon
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If i move my head two inches to the side
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A Bl, Est Lifestyle

A life has long been forgotten
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