Til Death '08

Bl,est Bombers Will Fuck You Up

This is it, our other new design. Both this and the mental dog should go on sale sometime next week, hopefully in time for Christmas. The screens arrived last week (thanks Steve, great job as always) so we’re just waiting on the new ink to turn up before we can start printing. Hopefully Merve actually ordered it! Until then check out a nice big preview.

The B

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Some bonus images, first an early Bl,est team photo. There’s Benji ‘The Kid’ Carvill on the left, team captain and slugger. That’s me Squeak ‘Fingers’ Mason at the back – unpredictable, with a wild knuckleball. On the right is Merve ‘The Perve’ Shurmer, known for his dark moods and bad temper.

This design is just for fun, it isn’t going to be printed. I’m pretty sure anything with the word ‘bomb’ on it is frowned upon these days!

As Seen By Birds

bl,est & die electric

Draw it, scan it, screen it, sell it

I did this whilst manning the Birmingham Saturday market the other week, dead time away from the computer is great for drawing. It’s not for a tshirt, guess it might work on a badge or sticker though. Ben, I know you’ve got a hard drive full of doodles like this, you don’t have to wait till there’s some news to post them!

The Spring collection samples (to show stockists and to use for product photos) are being printed this Friday, so it’s not long before we’ll be unveiling them. We’re really really excited about them – the designs are so awesome I might wet myself.

Back to B'ham

Table Snake

After an absence of a few weeks, Bl,est is back in Birmingham today – hopefully this time to stay. There’ll be some end-of-line bargains, as well as several brand new designs that have never made it north of Bristol before. We’re at the Saturday Flea market in the Custard Factory, stuck way at the back, from 11am till 5pm every Saturday. Come and say hello, anyone who asks can have their name added to the Blest table, which is hand carved with my house keys!

Electric Faith

Dali (Work in progress)

This could make an awesome tshirt if I can get the line quality and composition right. And the colours. It’s based on the famous scene from Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dali which you can see below – don’t watch if you’re squeamish!

We need all the help we can get

Over the next few months we’re going to be raiding the archives (mostly Benji’s hard drive) for interesting sketches and doodles, going back to the origins of Bl,est. It all began in 1980…

Welcome to the shity

Salesperson Of The Month!

Congratulations to Merve Sherman! His tireless dedication to selling t-shirts has really paid off this month, contributing to the best sales figures in the history of the company. Using his considerable charm to win over potential customers, and with a relentless campaign of myspace bulletins, he has shown himself to be a valuable member of the Bl,est family. Keep up the good work buddy! Thanks also to everyone who has bought a tee, it means the world to us…

C.P.B. is here

Blest Mixtape

Somehow Thinks She's Better Off This Way