Til Death '08

29/8/08 News

The Squeaks and I have relocated and are planning some lock-ins to start focusing on the next step for Bl,est. We hope to cut some fat, do some tweaking and generally steer ourselves in the direction we want to take for the future. We were chatting the other day about launching two styles in the next month, so keep checking back for updates, artwork and concepts.
Benji Blest

I Think It Might Be Broken?

Calling all Bl,est fans and fanatics! I need testers for the all new, cutting-and-bleeding-edge,
world-beating web store. Here’s a sneak peek-

Oh wait, that looks like shit… never mind! This hand-coded masterpiece won’t be ready for a few more months, but if you’re interested in watching it progress send me an email at squeak@blestlifestyle.com
and I’ll give you access to the test version. All I ask in return is that you give feedback on features as I work on them, and do your best to break things – tough love is needed to make a store that will ruthlessly eat all your disposable income!

Web-master Squeak

Watch Out Bristol, We're Coming

Despite disasters, delays, and abandoned plans, it’s finally happening. We’ve secured a company headquarters, a party pad where fun times will be had. This is a huge deal and we’re very excited!

Ben’s moving up from his home town of Yeovil and I’m heading south from the beautiful city of Birmingham in a classic pincer movement, as you can see in this completely unnecessary diagram.

For the last few years we’ve struggled to get things done while living hundreds of miles apart; now we will have a space to create, to experiment, and to make the best damn tees that we can. For us, and for you. Stay tuned for more details.

Squeak x

You've bloody started without me Ben! See that finger? That's for showing me up in front of everyone. Anyway my new designs are gonna be better than your new designs. Better bring your A game. Dickfingers is back.

Too much hand, not enough ink, plenty of sweat and so many tears. Our break is over and its back to what we love, kicking stuff about and throwing it on the site. It’s been a while, but we are rested, hungry and even closer to the edge than before. Expect new artwork in the coming weeks followed by some kick ass tee’s.

Apologies for the recent lack of news content. We at Bl,est are just taking a bit of time off to sort out some personal things and push our last collection before regrouping and kicking things up again. We have some big plans (our biggest ever) for the coming months, but just have to sort out some stuff first. Make or break time. Bl,est.

Bl,est Flips Pancakes Fat Tuesday Style

Hope everybody enjoyed Shrove Tuesday, we certainly did, until Squeak went berserk with a lemon!

Meltdown Chilled

The visual problem with the store has been sorted by Superstar Webmaster (Party Boy) Squeak. Sorry for any problems this may have caused. Out. Benji

Morning Meltdown

Apologies for the mental state of the store, it will be sorted out and running again in no time.

Touching Some Base

Start of Feb. Out with the old and in with something older. Some styles from our last collection are getting to the end of their short run (to be replaced by larger versions in the future), so We at Bl,est have got some tough ideas flying around for a new design, which should be put together and on sale in the next few weeks. But in the mean time we hope to be dusting off one of our very first screens and printing up a limited run of old school Bl,est nostalgia. Return of Deph. Hands Around The Neck.

Available in five colours.

We at Bl,est really appreciate the interest and orders we have had over the last month. That said we are trying to keep the store as fresh as possible so’s not to bore you all. Today see’s the release of a few special edition colourways going straight into the sale section. The sale section is where we put tee’s that have reached the end of the run and will no longer be printed, so get them quick!

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Special Edition ‘Cujo’ with black & gold underlay print, available now in white or black on the store.

Every dirty cloud has a gold lining. Two Special Edition versions of ‘CUJO’ will be in store Tuesday. What makes them special? They have an undercoat of gold ink that acts as a base and an outline to the top black inked print. They are so hot right now.

Dollar Dollar Bill Y'All

A big thank you to everyone who’s placed an order over the past few weeks. We’ve had one of our best periods of website sales, and believe me it’s the only thing that keeps the lights on here at Bl,est HQ. Money man Merve is particularly happy, as you can see:

We’re having a bit of a clear out of old stock so there’s some bargains to be had in the sale section on our store. Some tees are only £10!

Party-boy Squeak x

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Ps. Merve you stink do a news post!

Unstoppable Force Is Lemon

Printed up one more colour for cujo, will hit the store next week.

The Many, Many Layers Of Terror

We just finished printing up some Special Edition versions of the new ‘Cujo’ tee that have come up awesome.

Available in two colours both with gold lined black prints. Some high quality shots should be hitting the store soonish.