2nd Collection

Skin Ink

Bl,est hooked up with local tattooist Mark, who works out of his Crewkerne studio, Skin Ink. Mark is an old school tattooist with 20 years of inking behind him and has recently relocated to a smart new studio with the idea of accommodating a wider range of people with the desire to be inked. While Mark has been in the business for some time, he still retains a personal ambition with regards to tattoos, hoping one day to fill the gaps and complete full body coverage of his body. Check back to read some of Marks memories and stories on tattoos, tattooing and tattooists, coming soon.

My Fool

Drop Cross Logo Tee

Remembrance Is Thy Greatest Cross

Wondering when EXACTLY you get to see our new t-shirts? I can exclusively reveal that we will be previewing one design a day, starting Monday 28th November! We can’t wait to show off the fresh styles, please come back and tell us if they’re any good…

New Tees

Smash the lights, turn on the projector. Blest is locked in talks as to which designs are next up to be screened for our follow up collection. We only want the best. What I can tell you is that they are going to be bold, fresh and honest. The Blest way. It won’t be long. I promise.

News News News News… S’up. We have been doing a couple markets in Bristol, trying to spread the bl,est word. We have been putting together some bad ass hoodies that should be coming at y’all in the next few weeks. We have been back to the drawing board to bring some more tees out, hopefully before Christmas. We have begun work on the bl,est underpant for boys and girls or boys who like to wear girls pants or girls who like to wear boys pants. We are gearing up to do some markets over Christmas; the dates will be posted when we know.

Never Heard of Bl,est

1/11/05… Bl,est hits the rain… Bl,est went down to the Cavern in Exeter to see working heroes Never Heard Of It perform the last night of an intense 12 day UK tour. Although the fellas must have been tired, they put on an awesome set, with tracks from 2004 album 11 days and some new tunes from their forthcoming album. Elmo even rocked the sticks old school Yew Nork style… More shots in the family photo section. Check out neverheardofit.com if you haven’t already, these guys are awesome.

April Dead

24th of October… Merve and I were at the ski lodge in Yeovil watching friends of Bl,est April Dead give a powerful and sweaty performance. You can see some shots in the family photos section. Thanks to James, Josh, Guy, Tom and Josh for inviting us down. Check out aprildead.com for info on upcoming gigs. Josh wears Fall Like an Eagle.

"The website? Don't worry Merve I'm working on it right now..."

The photos section will be overhauled in the coming weeks, with more relevant pictures and a clearer navigation. A new Bl,est Magazine issue is planned for the near future, but in the meantime expect much more frequent news items. There are some exciting new products planned, so check back soon or sign up for our email updates. If you have any problems using the site, please use the feedback form at the top of the page to let me know!

Meet The Family

Bl,est will be at the Nails Market, Corn Street, Bristol on Saturday 15th of October. So if you’re in the area come on down and check out our tees and meet the bl,est family. The store is now active for you to get your hands on our first collection of tees. And as our friends you will receive an iron-on embroidered bl,est patch with any orders.

Ink, sweat & tears

Be patient my friends, the time is soon. It has been a battle for Merve, Squeak and I to get this first collection of tees together and build a site for them to call home, but we have finally made it. Ink, sweat and tears. The store will be in action on Tuesday 11th October 2005, with the next issue of the magazine to follow. Until then please check out the early stages of the gallery and some thumbnails of the tees. Also, Squeaks has put up a function for you to submit email addresses to receive Blest info, or you can leave us a comment. Hope to see you next Tuesday.

A New New Beginning...

Welcome to the all new Bl,est Lifestyle website, we hope you like it. Head to the store to see Bl,est’s second tee collection, named “#2nd collection tees” which consists of twelve vintage fit designs featuring the Bl,est stitch badge. To discover what it means to be Bl,est, you could read the first issue of our monthly magazine. And find out who we are and what we do in the Bl,est Family section.

Dude, Theres A Bit Sticking Up At The Back

Waiting 4 Someone 2 Come Along & Find Me

The proper website will be online in late February, with tees to look at and other cool stuff.
It will be way slicker and cooler than what you see here. I personally promise it will be brilliant.
You won’t be able to buy anything until mid April, when the store goes live.

[Where is Squeak Headed?]

Collapse Under Restless Shadows, Dead XXXXXX

. . . . . . . . After darkness, comes death . . . . . . . .