If You Haven't Already...

:cross3: :cross3: :cross3:
Send thoughts and prayers, but also send cash.
It's not cool not to care.


Your Clothes Are Wank.

and so's your website.
diesel burns.

take a look at www.bugsnbusses.co.uk a cool little
site about bugs, and friend to the blest family

This Christmas Could Be Our Blest


I Love.......knife Here...



Enter The Bl, Est Family - -

with perfect love and perfect trust

with fear in my heart

Deph Comes Easy

...limbering up for the fight :fuckoff:

love Squeak x

Notes From A Bl,est


ho ho ho,
site should be up around end of jan start of feb with tee designs up
then its off for our u.s tour
before returning in april for the launch

:lait: :cross3:



I Hate You, Yew Nork, Tees,,

tee design is up boys

squeak, give merve a non gay smooch for me


thanks dude

S. Mason, Batting Over .500 For The Season

A Physics Lesson With Joe(my Brother)

:cross3: :blest:

Gloves On, Round One.......ding Ding

squeaks check out the possible tees ive uploaded, dont post
em yet, dont want those bastards at diesel nicking them

tell claire shes hired

take care mate


Gloves Off, Dickfingers Out,,,,, InYOFACE!

Thats How You Debate

exhibit a.


Could Explode At Any Moment---------------x

Zipped Dark Grey Hooded

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - coming soon. :deph: vs. :squeak:



money maker



Don't worry dude, we will be fine
I fukin rule

Ho ho ho, I feel much better now

Coming soon is coming soon


Count Tape-ular And Capitain Staples Mcgee



Makin Boom Boom With The Ladies

click dic

Benji :lait:

XxFirst Issue Coming Sooonxx

Bl,est V Love and Hate (a battle against lesser good and greater evil)





F-you --------by Merve

Fc,uk. fuck you you will lose. Ill make sure of it ‘all images cheap and
void ofmeaning.morons.
you sahame anyone with any vision,integrity yoo are a scurge on this
earth and all the immoral
unthinking uncaring drones that follow you.fuck them too. I don't now
how it turned this waaaay
All the people who doubtus

Looking is free but toching will cost you. Good Tee design.
Twat...moveout of our this waaaay

Anyone song image or word that lacks substance I wish I could
udo you and the person that
created you. The seed of all things bad is what you are.false
dreams misguided hate encouragement
for all the morons that drag us down.

And girls that do things to you that you wish no person would
do to another.and with a smile on your
face you are all selfabnd you feelnothing. They are the realisation
to me that people will rape and
murder lie steal for ever and ever.because they would kill my
insidesmy spirit and heart 4 conveniencefor
thoughtlessness and no reasomn at all.


Squeak Is What?

Squeak is a member of the bl,est family
I don’t know his favourite colour
He likes watching movies and playing his computer
He rocks out to old school jazz and new school punk
He loves a traditional set A with chips and beans
And a can of coke
He dreams for happiness
He is bl,est


Bl, Est Is What?

Bl, est is four friends
Bl, est is faith
Bl, est is hope
Bl, est is love, and
Bl, est is loss

Bl, est is believing in life, by
entertaining simple thoughts

Bl, est just is
Not a brand, but a way
A way of living, loving, being destroyed
and starting over
Bl, est is starting over

The first book is coming soon
The tees are coming soon

Benji :lait:

No Way.

It's not over yet.
Suck it up,
Make plans,
No time for regrets or bitterness,
We’re not dead yet.
We're not dead yet. :X:

no way.

Squeak Runs The Show.

Abuses of the system are not appreciated.
Squeak, Webmaster

Squeaky 'dic' Fingers

:squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:
:squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:
:squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:

love Benji :lait:

Keepin It In The Bl,est Family

this image is the only one of the family together

love Benji :cross1:

Hey Soda Krine


thanks for your early support sis, we wont forget you when we make the big bucks

love Benji :xxx:

your brother

Xxxlike A Genius In A Bottle..***

good work dude

lots of love

Benji :deph:

Working On It...

it'€™ll take a few minutes for me to work this out...
Sorry, bear in mind that everything is still work in progress.
At the moment I’m trying to integrate all the news, email, notepad
and conatct list systems together. This may result in the odd mistake.

Squeek the geek :xxx:

This Is An Emergency


i cant find the button to attach images


Love Benji :deph:

P.S miss you too dude

laid to :BL,EST:

Leave A Message? No Thanks

I miss my friends. They are my :blest: friends. -Squeak

Xxxxxthat Is Good Advicexx..xx

squeaks, i have uploaded a ton of pictures and they havent worked, can you get them off the upload menu.
i have scotch tape over my eyes and my hands are stapled behind my back

i have thought of a possible nick-the-name for super les if he breaks into the hip-hop scene........le ’€™ 5

love Benji :xxx:

no spaces in filenames, doofus

Don't Listen To Chicks

don'€™t worry,
go to bed,
you need your beauty sleep,
Squeak :cross2:


I love bl, est and would miss it if it left me.

Love Benji :cross:
p.s my love says i have big pores, i hope she is wrong

Bl, Est Welcomes Deph

Bl, est will become

Looking good Squeak

Love Benji :cross:

Early Draft.

For a new beginning,
Please refer back to the original draft copy of Bl, est.
Your cheque is in the mail, Love Squeak :mail:

An Introduction To Bl, Est

If i move my head two inches to the side
If i step back three from the light
And if you half close your eyes
I may be the one your looking for
Or not
I dont care
Im Bl, est


A Bl, Est Lifestyle

A life has long been forgotten
Some things have been laid to rest
Friend becoming memory is about to change
Welcome back my sweet Bl, est


Squeak Rocks The Big One

we love squeak

love ben